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Mom's Phone Call

Last night, I called mom around 7:30, and talked about 10 minutes, a long conversation for her with me, anyway.  I was relieved when she recognized me right off.  She told me that she was reading again.  Indeed, she'd mailed me a book we'd talked about in July or so, one that she had no idea where it came from, but was not hers, not my sister's, not mine, not my aunt's... My mother stole a book from someone... Weird.  She'd never normally do that.

Then, she MAILED THE STOLEN PROPERTY to me!  Does that make me an accessory after the fact?  My sister said I was probably the last person she'd actually mailed something to, and I should feel honored.

In the same package was a very old but unused box of Crayola brand colored pencils.  It was packed as a 12 pack, but only eleven were still in there.  She asked, long distance, "What color's missing?"  No idea!  I don't know what colors are normally in a 12 pack of colored pencils... All the ususal suspects were present and accounted for, along with a navy blue, a second shade of orange, and two black ones.  No violet, but a white, but no gray.  At ten cents a minute daytime rate, I did not feel the need to philosophize over it!  SHE can call me on her cell for free... She did not, however.

Mother was chipper sounding, and told me how beautiful her room was.  She went through every piece of furniture, AND the window - the size, the positioning of it... She got her bed and dresser in twice, pride in her voice.  Then she added that the green and white bedspread was special, because our middle sister hand quilted it for her.  (She does beautiful work, so I'm sure that's the truth!)  She later added that her brother noticed that she had the bed she always wanted right off and complimented her on it.  She asked him, "How did you remember that?"

(Although he's two years older than she is, his mind is not affected... not a problem for him...) She said he talked quite a while.   (He's famous for retelling family stories repeatedly.)

"Same old ones you've heard time after time," I suggested.

"No, they were really interesting.  I enjoyed his visit.  He talked a long time, then looked at his watch and said he was late and had to leave."

Then she got to worrying about what would happen to the bed spread after she was gone.

"What do you want to happen to it?"  I asked.

"I haven't thought about it."

"Well, when you do, just tell us. Anything you want to have happen to it, will.  All you have to do is decide.  If you tell Bonnie what you want done, she'll make sure it happens.  Then I added, "For that matter, you could tell any one of us and we'd be sure the others knew your wishes."

I asked her if she'd watched the TV C&B bought and mounted so she could easily see it both from her favorite reading chair and her bed, but she said there was nothing she cared to watch and that she preferred to read.

"Ah,  I'm the same way" I said.  "Want do you want to do with your virgin TV?  It might be quite unique, the only one of its kind living hooked up outside of a store."

She got the giggles and kept repeating, "I never heard of a virgin TV before.  A virgin TV."  Then she'd laugh again.

Whe she commented that I sounded happy, I told her I'd talked with several of the cousins and told her the latest news about different branches of the family, a clear roll reversal from our former conversations.  She used to keep a clip board by her phone and add to the list, filling everyone in on what others had said.  She was with me for each group, until I got to Carl.  She had trouble placing him.  She went to great lengths to explain why she didn't keep up with everyone any more.

I told her the titles for six suspense Christmas themed books that started arriving in AUGUST and asked if she wanted them.  She said yes.  When I told her about a piece I'd written, she asked for that, too.  I printed it off without checking the type size.  I kick it way up if I'm on the 27" Thunderbolt monitor so it's readable.  It is only 1500 words, but is mainly conversation, so ran to 13 pages!

So, now I get to read those books, which I'd decided to skip, and ship them...

She also cleared up the unique mailing of the package.  When her youngest sister came to visit her, she had her clean up the envelope and take it with her to mail.  (I thought she'd written over her earlier scratching, but it was her sister's handwriting and darker pen...)  One weird thing - she had the nine digit zip code, which I don't use.  (I don't even know what it is!  Not sure where that came from, but it is in mom's handwriting.)

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