pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

On Ceremony -- Confucius (Kongzi) (551-479 BC)

Confucius relished the idea of ceremony and promoted it as a means to serve as a visual and behavioral reminder of rank.  The external signs or rituals of society were to regulate both day to day exchanges as well as the ceremonies of State.  Rank was dignified by rituals as well as privilege.  Each rank would have specific roles in religious and political ceremonies and would be limited to certain ceremonies they could conduct.  Included in the idea of ceremony were the clothes that you were to wear, the insignias on the clothing or your carriage, the style of hat worn on special occasions, where you could and could not walk, and even the colors you were allowed to use in clothing and decoration.  Only the Emperor was to use and wear certain colors of gold, crimson, and purple.
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