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Head On Collision

My cousin DS was in a head on collision today on his way home from work. (In Hattisburg, Mississippi, hospital.)

His lungs collapsed, and he damaged his spleen. They weren't sure he was going to live. His wife reported that just looking at the car, you knew the driver had died...

He's the one I took south with me for Christmas one year when he was working as a guard in a MO prison, a grim, wearing occupation. My mom had given me an airline ticket to Biloxi (well, you land in GulfPort and drive across to Ocean Springs) but I turned in the round trip for a one way, keeping only the going home ticket, and used the money for gas, which took D and his then girlfriend S, now wife, along in his old beater of a car.

Much more jolly, and with three drivers, we made good time. Mom was upset with me, but I GET SICK WHEN I FLY... I was happy, and flew home, going down for my truck with a friend right before we had to get back to school. Somehow, it is not as bad being slightly off your feed while teaching as opposed to while everyone is serving these back-to-back succulent, fantastic holiday meals.
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