pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Black Stripe Strikes

While I was computing Black Stripe made it impossible to use the mouse, keyboard, or track pad. Her mother Two Faced, upset, was on my hair where it lay draped over the back of the chair to get it off my neck without resorting to the bun that would push my body too far forward to keep the screen in focus. Exasperated, I put the lap board down and tried to read while alternately petting Two Faced behind me and Black Stripe on my right thigh... until my hand came away wet.

She's always demanded more than her fair share of attention, and the two seemed jealous of the amount of attention I gave to the other, but she'd gone too far on two occasions previously, urinating on me once while I was mostly asleep in bed and another time as I was bent over cleaning out the litter. Both times, she earned a quick trip outside.

But she'd just been reinstated in the house in honor of her advanced pregnancy. She was not trying to retaliate. She was overly affectionate and needy, the same as her mother right before she produced her litters. Looking at my damp hand, I noticed a thick fluid, not what I thought I was expecting to see. I jumped up, setting the book down and cuddling her into my arms upside down, as if that would force the bulb of liquid still in the amniotic sack back inside. As I passed the corner of the couch, I grabbed for the decrepit old flannel nightgown I'd washed up and laid there in preparation for use in the guest bathroom. Two Faced tagged along, looking worried for all the world like an overanxious first time father who'd just parked the car and wasn't sure he'd be allowed into the delivery room with his wife.

Flicking on the light with my elbow, I tossed the night gown into the tub, then climbed in and used my feet to unfold it before carefully laying Black Stripe down. Climbing back out, I flipped the light on, then climbed back into the tub, accompanied this time by Two Faced. Black Stripe had her front paws on the edge of the tub, obviously planning to jump out. Pushing the door shut with my hip as I went past, I again laid her down, right beside my feet. I sat on the edge of the tub and took my first good look at the 1" or so diameter of bubble filled with fluid and blood that poked out a good inch and a half.


Both Black Stripe and Two Faced licked it until it leaked, soaking the full length night gown. Once the eminent birth had disappeared, eventually Two Faced left. Several hours went by with no change, no kittens, no distress. When my legs began to cramp, I thought I'd head to bed, leaving Black Stripe and Two Faced, who'd come back in to check on us, both in the bath room.

Around 3 a.m., I fell asleep, exhausted as if *I'd* done something strenuous.
Tags: animal antics, births

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