pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Company Coming

Early e-mails from my high school best friend said she and her husband would be arriving via Harley on Sunday or Monday.

An extra-loud rock group caused them to leave early, arriving Sunday for fun and chatter. One of the "frills and extras" was her husband's lifting help in clearing out the space my new 27" Apple monitor for my new Mac Pro. Migrated the software from my MacBook Pro and up and running less than four hours later (lunch break included...)

We both had trouble reading the type on the huge monitor. The day after they left, I got to "play" with the new stuff for a bit and within five minutes, could click it up to absolutely huge fonts we could have read half way across the dining room from it's home on the living room walnut coffee table made from half a trunk I brought back from Ohio when my uncle cut down an old tree so it wouldn't damage anything when it fell. He planned to burn it on site, so I brought back several hunks of limb perfect sizes for carving. Afterward, I got woodworking tools, only to find out that I am allergic to SAWDUST.

The table top was hard to get leveled - nobody had a saw big enough for the job (about a foot and a half wide, better than three feet long on one side) An Amish man had a large enough saw, and did the job, dead level, BY HAND. True woodworker! I left the ends rough hewed, and after a few years, the bark had all shed off, but it is gorgeous. It takes three-four strong men to move it.
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