pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Two's Lason Home Again, Jiggity Jig...

And first one sister, then the other griped because I didn't immediately post his condition.

Two's Lason came home after a few hours. He is in the utility room - no broken legs, lots of nasty cuts I have to watch for three-four days, be sure he eats/drinks, and poops. The first thing he did when I uncrated him and finished petting him was bolt over the washer/dryer. I needed to SLEEP, but I was afraid I would have to move one or the other to retrieve him. After several hours, he came out and slept on the top of the dryer.

Unfortunately, although I tried repeatedly, I could not drop off to sleep off schedule like that. Sigh.

Eventually, all the rest happened, but he decided to mark his territory three times instead of using kitty litter. Were it not for the injuries, that first un-house-cat-like behavior would have earned him his renewed freedom.

He was NOT friendly to the vet, but like with the two full-grown toms I sent in for castration, he's fine for me. Of course, I raised him, feed him, etc.
Tags: animal antics
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