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Two's Lason at Vet's

At 4:30am this morning Lason (Two's Last Son, a yellow tom) came home, chugging down food on the back porch as rapidly as possible. He was torn up, a huge bite on one side of his face, a torn area behind one ear, and lame on one back leg. He purred and allowed me to pick him up. I tried to put him in the utility room, but he bolted back outside when I went to bring the food back in.

He let me catch him again, so I got him into the crate, but the car was in front of the front door. I carried him through the house with his weight jerking me from one angle to another. Once he was in the back seat, I coasted down the drive and onto the paving. Never going above 20 mph, I geared my speed to his comfort. Fearing the back leg was broken, I was very conscious of not jiggling it around any more than necessary. He would answer me when I talked in "cat" to him, and eventually, he settled in and grew silent. Conscious? Unconscious? Dead? I had no idea. He'd be quiet, then rouse, yowl, whimper, then again grow silent. Below 10 mph., he was generally quiet. A horse could have kept pace with us! (He'd have been mighty tired by the time we arrived, though.)

I discovered that the car that passes shortly after 5:15 each morning is RED and sporty, most likely heads from Millerton down to Corydon before heading north toward Chariton. I know that has been going on since at least 1995. I always imagined someone heading up to Des Moines to work. Now, I've revised my idea to delivery person for the Des Moines Register? It didn't catch up to me until I was less than 1/4 mile from the stop sign at Millerton.

Once I hit Highway 14, I monitored the pinking predawn light reflected in the "good hunt for figures clouds" out my driver's window. Two more cars, one from each direction, came by before I got to the hit the curves. From Chalmer's on, a white pickup, then a semi came by, HEAVY TRAFFIC, as that is only about 1/2 mile. Sometimes I was only traveling 7 or 8 mph, which meant I didn't arrive at the vet's, about 17 miles, until at 6:15. Carefully, I carried him to the back door -- no lurching, and not much conversation, either. Before I pulled out to head home, he'd curled up in the far back of the crate and appeared to be sleeping. I left a note on the crate, tucked under the handle, then held down with two rocks.

Getting home about 6:33, I called the vet's office to see who was on call. (Time and date impairment is still in full swing. I thought it was MONDAY, and called the number way, way early.) The vet assured me he was getting up shortly anyway and would soon be heading out to the clinic, which would happen twice. He's going to check the cat out and call me.

"Aren't you glad I didn't call at 4:30 when I first found him?" I teased.

I guess, from the size of this "quick note" I can still pull an all nighter. I was on my way to bed at 4:30 when I heard poor Lason.

He was so sweet for me. I hope he doesn't act with the staff the way the two Tiger boys did when they went in for shots. He's never been to the vet's before.

I told them in the note I'd also be bringing in his full sister Graceful Two (Gracie) this time around for her first shots.
Tags: animal antics

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