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I'm cleaning/organizing.  In one pile, dated 2/15/2013, I found a note.
(start note)
To LBHH (my sister-ed)
Imagining Argentina
Cat Ballou
Turner & Hooch
(end note)
Scribbled on the side, "Start movie DVD/VCR list . [Also use as] 'Like back' list."

TODAY, I copied my "books read" list format and entered the four names, as well as the book pattern for The English Patient.  I know I had/have the audio book version for Eng. Patient, and have subsequently WATCHED the movie, but whether I own/rented the Netflix version, I'm not sure.  I'm also not sure if I returned the tapes (verdict still out on that one, but I DID find the DVD camera, still in the bag with the other things I had not unloaded following my cousins and my return from the Wyoming funeral, properly "put away" so well that, although it was in plain sight, I didn't find it until YESTERDAY.  [Hidden from myself by "putting it away in a LOGICAL place" in early April...])

My question?  Did I give/send my sister those four DVD/VHS movies?  If so, does she still have them?  I am assuming I DID and that SHE DOES, and have so entered it in the brand new "Movies Owned" file.  IF this is in error, I trust that she will let me know.  (Otherwise, it may be MONTHS before I figure it out at the rate I'm going.  Guess I'm learning patience.)  And, are they DVD or VHS?  I have/had both of many titles.  (At one time, I had a start of the movies list, but it was lost lo, these many computer crashes ago, and was not more than 50 titles long at that point anyway.)
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