pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

"Move It" Day

Today, MS came along as I was taking two packages to the mailbox.  I'd seen the horses out in the hay field, but where they were made it LOOK as if they were in the north pond pasture, where I wanted them to be.  MS walked back there, but could not see any horses, so we did what we'd refrained from doing yesterday - drove over the new seeding.

We entered through the diagonal gate at the top of the barn pasture, then went through the main gates into the hayfield.  MS went down to open the gate into the north pasture.  I figured they'd run to the centerline gates, as that was the one we normally went through, so they'd have to again be led over to the north pond pasture.  (Third time's a charm?)

As a safety measure, in case they went through into the yard, we also shut the farm gates so they'd have no road access.  (Yes, they DO go out, look over the neighborhood, then return.)

Sure enough, all five were now at the edge of what he'd just planted, head down.  I had MS stop well back and got out, calling "hey, hey" and banging on the grain bucket with a few inches of oats in the bottom that his daughter had brought yesterday.

Mocha lead the pack, Louise behind.  She's been looking poorly all winter, for the first time ever.  As they got closer to the bucket, Adagio moved up, getting her nose in first, a rarity.  Crem and Omnia hung back.  I sat in the Volvo's open back after making sure everyone got one bite.

Sure enough, they followed right to the top of the short strip leading down into the pasture from the hayfield.  MS took the bucket and walked into the pasture, dumped it, and secured the gate.  Painless.

We reversed the car and crept back to the main gate by the west pond pasture, shutting all the gates on that whole part of the farm.  Afterward, we fixed the driveway gates.  Even though the horses are not in a pasture requiring the diagonal gate to be closed, I've had enough stray livestock wander into my yard not to take that chance.
Tags: herding

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