pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Buying On Line

For years, I did the on-line buying for my mother, at her request.  Some of the items would not be available, but the tracks left in searching for them seemed to result in greater availability later on.

While my sister was visiting my mom and other family members for her 90th birthday, the topic of buying on line arose.  The few, the hard, the impossible from around the country resulted in mom's recommendation.  Have me do it for them.

One I was able to get right off and have shipped, but the other needed more info.  I collected quite a pile of it and tried to e-MAIL it the the people involved so they could make an informed decision about what they wanted to buy (quality matters, not just price).

The emails were quarantined because the spam catcher thought I was trying to send spam, not aid a hunt for a wanted item.  Today, I got the messages safely on their way, but the travelers have been back home for quite a while now.

I just happened to be dumping my junk mail, and did a quick scan down the column, catching the NOTICE that my email company was treating my message as junk mail.  Could they not decide that THE NOTICE was pertinent to my life?  I don't always check junk mail at all.  Every 30 days it is deleted.
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