pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Harold's Memorial Reunion

By setting his service on April 6th, his wife allowed those family members from afar time to get things in order to attend.  One or more from each of the four brothers turned up, creating a Reunion as well as a Memorial service.  Some of my Ohio relatives offered to drive me out and back, which they did, in 15 hours, straight through.  By trading off drivers, we got out there pretty well, but I am not 20 any more, and my body rebelled pretty strongly.

I now have those fancy socks that they use after surgery to keep bad things from happening.  I ordered a pair from a company and when I ended up going to Rochester unexpectedly to see one of my cousin's children, who was with a Christian group performing a concert at the Rochester Assembly of God church on the 8th.  It was cool.

My sister and I picked him up when he'd done his part in wiring all the fancy effects up, then fed and delivered him back to the site about 30 minutes before anyone needed him.

My sister found him charming.  She'd never met him before.  We went garage sale-ing that morning as I'd washed all the jeans and slacks, put them in the dryer, waited for it to ding, then left (without PACKING any...)  Oops!

Couldn't I just forget my toothbrush like a normal person?
Tags: family losses, travel woes, unexpected pleasures

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