pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Steve's Narration on Harold

Yes, dad died at 2:10 PM Thursday in Salt Lake City.  Last Friday, mom woke up at 4 AM hearing dad choking, strangling and coughing up lots of blood.  She called the EMS who took dad to the Riverton hospital.  By 10:30 he was in a fixed wing plane headed for Salt Lake City.  He had Pulmonary Edema, blood backed up from a seriously restricted Aortic valve.  I met them in SLC about an hour after they got to the hospital (my car's maximum speed is limited at 107 MPH) and have been here since.  He had several mild heart attacks during the week - with Proponin blood enzyme levels as high as 82.  He died as they prepared to replace the valve when his blood pressure dropped too low.  Twice they did chest compressions.  We are arranging to have him cremated and hope to get over the mountain passes today before the new storm causes too big a challenge.  We'll have a memorial service later later in the spring.
Tags: death in the family
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