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Donkey Serenade

Here's today's oldie - complements of my sister LBHH, remembering something about my sister BDHW.  After hearing mom walk about the house singing it for years, she heard someone ELSE singing it.

"Oh, so THAT's what it is supposed to sound like!"

Fayzee wrote:

"Oh!  Pandemo; thanks for this reminder: I loved Mario Lanza.  And here you send him to me, and so much more; from Student Prince, which I must still have in my records; and O Holy Night, and Danny Boy, plus all the rest on the side; I have spent a great time these last few minutes...and I am going to share it with some of my email addresses.  Wonder how many will even know who he was?  He was so wonderful.  And I remember fondly our song sessions when you came by with Raven.....thanks again."
Tags: mom's antics

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