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Car Battery Woes/Monster Storm Pile It On

The low battery light has been warning off and on for weeks, and yesterday was the day it would no longer start the car, so today, the local garage came out by 10:30 and jumped it, but the kid didn't come to the house.  The mother of the mechanic called me and said, "Since you didn't come to the door, I'm calling to tell you Randy left your car running in the garage."

I told her, "I didn't hear a thing.  He didn't come knock, honk, nothing."  So I drove it into town, and we looked into recharging the battery (vs. replacing it.  Interstate sells that sized one for $212...  My guy recharged for $37.50 and told me the amps (Factory = 500, after recharging, we were at 650.  "Cold" amps = what it will crank on its own.

So, I have to find the settings to get the automatic battery hogging features shut off.

The snow storm was supposed to start at noon.  When we took the charger off, it was 11:50, and the first spotty flakes were just showing up against the dark tree bark out the window.

I drove it to Casey's and got some chicken.  Came out, windshield iced over, front and back.  Drove to Hy Vee (five blocks?) and got a jug of milk and fresh loaf of bread.  1" on both front and back windows.  I crept home without even trying to drop off the taxes or pay the vet bill.

At 1:45 (I mean I CREPT those 17 miles) I swept 1/2 inch off the porch.  At 3:00, I swept off another inch, 3:50 1/8", 5:30, shoveled off 1 1/2", 11:15 2" (fed the outdoor cats - only two came...)  The snow was level with the lower step.  12:40 am 1 1/2" (the door was showing signs of icing up and not wanting to open.  The lower step is clean, but is surrounded with snow except for the part sheltered under the other steps.

I have to sleep now - I have a headache.  My nightmare is that I'll be snowed in by tomorrow morning, no matter which door I use.  Neither door has more than 1/2" clearance.

I opened the door at 4:15 am, but did not have the heart to step out into the cold and clear the porch, knowing the storm was still not over and the winds would make quick work of anything I did manage to do.

By 7:30, I ended up KICKING the bottom of the door before it broke free.  I'm VERY GLAD to have a new, sturdy door!  Porch is swept, but the drift is higher than the bottom step on the west side.  I dumped it all through the crack in the steps, but the way it is blowing here, I'm sure I won't be able to keep it clear.  All but one cat made it safely to breakfast, but I fed that one after dark last night, so maybe he's somewhere snug sleeping it off.  Two males, one spay, one straight, cuddle together in the igloo.  What a kick!

(All right, I KNOW, technically, he was really castrated, but that doesn't quite have the snappy rhyme, now, does it?)
Tags: car, weather

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