pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Dying of Curiosity

When I was in the waiting room at Humeston before my appointment with Dr. Baker, I'd taken along three envelopes to tape up/check for all the inclusions I wanted, etc.  I did not think to add a pen, sure I had one in my purse.  NOT.  So I stepped out into the short hallway to get one from the receptionist.  Dr. Baker, back to me, laptop resting on a short dividing wall between the hallway proper and the break room/kitchen area, was busily typing notes.  The nurse, standing behind a table, was facing him, so eventually I came into her sight.  She was talking.

"Is Sandra Hugus the one who..."

I was DYING to know how she'd intended to finish that sentence, but, of course, she saw me and stopped.  Later, when we were done, I elliptically asked Dr. Baker about it, but he had no idea, logically enough.  Or, maybe just none he would admit to.
Tags: i'll-talk-to-anyone entry, indecision, info wanted

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