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Who Knew?

Two Faced has not been eating.  Not a bite, nor drinking.  I can't believe how boney her backbone feels this morning.  I called the vet's office minutes after they opened, and took her right over (when they offered a 2:00 appointment, I just bluntly said I didn't know if she'd make it that long, or not, and drove.)

I saw the vet in the prep area and just walked right over to her, talking. She felt her up and examined her - Would you believe, she is CONSTIPATED?  Severely.  So, I call back at 3:30 - she's in for enemas today - I saw the thin tube she set out.  I remember those!  (Sympathetic shudder).

MS just told me, as he carted away yet another full grown coon from the large sized live trap I bought, that this is #25, and a dozen possums.  (We first trapped all the small ones in his smaller live crate.)  Unbelievable!  Who would have had any idea we had that much wildlife running loose around here?
Tags: cat behavior, trapping

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