pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Two Nights Without the Trap

MS said I was probably out of stuff to trap now.  So for two nights, I didn't set it (heck, I couldn't even find it...)  But I kept hearing altercations late at night on the front porch, so I called him, discovered he'd stashed it in the garage, when I'd assumed he'd taken it home and set it there...  I brought it back to the front porch, again positioning it between the two pet carriers.  Before it was really even clear dark, I had it full - another possum.

The new trap has been full every night it was set except for two.  MS then decided I'd trapped out the area.  He estimates that I've trapped 30 animals this late summer/fall, some in his small trap, but most in the new, bigger one.  I'm not sure how far he's taking them from here.  They all look the same to me.  One friend said we could tag them.  He surely has no idea how furious they are about spending the night in a cage.  I wonder if they have the animal equivalent of GPS that allows them to return from incredible distances...
Tags: animal trapping

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