pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Live Trapping

12:57, I hear a metallic click.

Ah, I think...maybe I caught the mother raccoon.  Last night, at 12:03, she sprung the trap, but ran off when I turned on the light.  I had baited the trap with the cheapest brand of dry cat food, and a spoiled nectarine.

Walking onto the porch after donning a winter full length night gown and my beat around shoes, I bend over.  It's another possum.  That makes six since August, starting with the orange one I'd spotted last fall.  I'm starting to wonder if the same possums are showing up over and over.  Last week, one went into a cat crate, so I locked the door on him.  Bad time to play possum.

I got all four of the young coons whose mother brought them up all summer at dusk, too, before I got the bigger live trap.

MS called early this morning to tell me he was off to a funeral, and ask if I had anything in the trap he needed to haul away before he changed into his good clothes.

Hopefully, tomorrow he'll show up for work - the garage has a roof, but no siding on the sides, nor are the garage doors installed.  The front has not been insulated, yet, either.  We're two days shy of being a year from when I bought the materials...
Tags: animals, garage
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