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On Cultural Differences
Re: Cultural Differences
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 19:07:14 -0700
From: Linda Vantresco

We never thought of our animals as "just animals". Even growing up, dogs were like little members of the family. It was only natural that horses would be too. I go without something before my son or my critters do. I won't keep them alive to suffer because I wouldn't want to be kept like that and I want them to die with some dignity. But, if there's any chance at all to help them, I do what I have to do to give them the chance. Most of the time, I happen to love, trust and prefer to be with animals than humans. They aren't two faced, malicious, conniving or spiteful. They love us unconditionally and they trust us. Can't say that about too many people I know, can you?

So, besides horses, what have you been up to? I'd love to buy a filly from you or a mare, but need to sell my draft horse before I even think about it. We had 3 fillies here in 2000 and I've sold 2 of them already and may have Tess sold (Rhyme's). Wanted to keep her but need an outside mare more than a related one. So, once I get them sold, I'll see what stock you have.

How's the weather there this time of year?

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Re: Cultural Differences

The comment about loving animals vs. humans is very true for me, and really resonates. I thank you for it. That remark has rankled for years! Thinking about it now, I think it is perhaps a cultural difference, in his case, though. He grew up in Poland in the aftermath of the second world war, with all its excesses of man's inhumanity to man all around him. I think this severe situation has brought into sharp relief the DIFFERENCE between humans and animals. He was a farm boy. He values animals and loves them, BUT AS ANIMALS.

We in the US, especially the women among us, have blurred that line, treating our PETS as children, until times of disasters, like hurricanes. Then the abandoned pet problem is rampant.

I am reminded of the reaction in a letter to the Arabian Horse World from a princess from Jordan, chiding Americans for sending money ear-marked for the "rescue and preservation" of Arabian Horses, when PEOPLE were starving to death... She was morally OUTRAGED. When I tell people my horses are my children, I am not quite joking. I don't put them on life support or take extreme measures to save them when they face only a life of pain or will be horribly, permanently crippled, as I once did. But my children they surely still are!

From Linda:

Hi Sandy, Sounds like you did the very best for him. And, anyone that can say tears are only for humans, has never loved an animal and maybe never could. Linda -----

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Re: Omega's ending story

The story of the end of Omega's life is on the Ara/Pinto Market Newsletter page, under "Angels among us". Here's its URL:

A probably unnecessary word of explanation about the Ara/Pinto Market Newsletter pages' organization: Entries listed under the Ara/Pinto Market Message Board button are dated individually and only contain one person's comments and the responses to it at one time.

The COLUMNs carry a "last updated (date)" notice so that repeat visitors can tell at a quick glance if anything new has been added since their last visit (assuming they can remember approximately when they last visited). Titles with no update listed are still awaiting initial posts. I have the data, but not the time! LOL If all the good material I have in hand were actually UP, I'd probably have to put the Newsletter on a separate spot all by itself!

The message board is designed to alleviate the long upload backlog problem. TIme sensitive material as well as general news, inquiries and comments can be posted on the Message board, which allows 300 posts before it starts deleting the oldest automatically. of course, it does not allow for photos. You can get around that by posting the photos on the web, then putting the URL in the post (there's a handy spot, and a way to title it) so all visitors have to do is CLICK on the blue link to go to the spot.

Posts are listed by date only in the message board, unless the poster deliberately posts under an in progress topic (called a message thread.) In general, that means that the threads of a discussion may be widely separated. When I put the material in the columns, the oldest are still on the bottom, but posts have a common theme. There are many more links, if they are appropriate, and they can be scattered throughout the text, not just in one spot (the very end) to one place.

HI Sandy, Nope, same email address. I don't think I had one last time we spoke. Was looking through some papers I had saved and found yours from a card you had sent when I bought Rhyme and told you about it. Thought it was about time we started "visiting" again! I'll attach a few pics of "Tessha" Rhyme's filly from 2000. She just turned a year and is already bigger than Rhyme! And sweet as they come. We're working on my website and should have it done by the end of the week. The gal that is doing it for me had to go out of town unexpectedly when her gramps got sick. Will have lots more pics in it when we're through. What happened to your stallion? You can see mine in the website. He's a little sweetie and I'm hoping to be shipping for AI by next year. Saving money right now to go to Co. to take the course and buy the equipment I'll need to ship and to inseminate. Have you ever tried any of that? Ok, off to wander through your site. Look forward to catching up with you! Linda -----

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Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 2:14 PM
Subject: Re: hello

Are you using a new email address? I don't recognize this one.

Only one more foal to go for the year. I really am liking the Pandemonium Lyre babies.

Still no replacement stallion.

Please notice that I have a new email address now. The telephone company has switched to their own carrier, and has changed our email and web sites. They gave us a LOT of lead time on the email, but no notice that the web pages were also involved. I had to hand switch all the links, then load the files one at a time. Then I was over the space limit for them, so I got a neighbor who will never put up a web site to let me expand onto her site with about 1/3 of my material... So I am once again changing all the links and upload the files!


Hey Sandra, Thought I'd drop a quick hello and see how things are going on your end? Linda

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