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My Raleigh sister just spent an enjoyable few days with all her grandchildren there at once.  She was full of family stories, of course, and my favorite was Surveillance.  She'd told her Indianapolis grands that she'd cook all their favorite meals, which she gave me in great detail, rich, decadent food.  Here I am trying to stay on my diet without using the hormone drops because I don't want a conflict with the hormones in my toenail medicine... and she's filling my head with delicious sounding recipe after recipe.  I had NOT had my breakfast yet, so was pining away for a sunny side up egg on a 45 calorie slice of honey wheat bread...

One of the favorites was chocolate chip cookies.  One granddaughter from each mother loves to cook, and had been "cooking with grandmother" since age 4, so there was quite a lot of merriment in the kitchen, which the boys were either banished from for bad conduct, or were living in a self-imposed exile until it came time to partake of the fruits of the girls' labor.

Soon, Grandfather caught the boys on the ROOF!  In the course of the debriefing involved with this senseless and dangerously deviant distraction, the boys claimed to be conducting surveillance.

They'd peer into the kitchen to see when the coast was clear, slip in, and pinch raw chocolate chip cookie dough, then climb back up on the roof to eat it.
Tags: grandkids are great!

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