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New Music

Pushing my musical tastes a bit, I downloaded a fistful of new (mostly old..) podcasts via iTunes.  I'm now three for three on one that appears to have stopped in 2012...  Music - the Interface.

#1 was Sharon Van Etten, who I already knew and liked, but the interview/songs were new to me.

#2 was Ben Lee, and although I'd never heard of him (Australian, so not unusual) from his 2011 album came a song in honor of his deceased therapist called "Deeper into Dreams", which contained my newest favorite Aussie-ism: It's the muddle-ups that are thrilling.

Muddle-ups.  What a perfect word.  So, the garage I bought $8500+ dollars worth of supplies for last Oct. yesterday acquired rafters on the wood frame they'd spent over a week building on, wall by wall, and today is getting PLYWOOD.  My big toe seems to be hurting worse, and getting red-rimmed, so I'm not sure WHERE, yet.

Muddle-ups.  Like, putting up a "library" in Nov. of 2009, getting bamboo laid on the floor in 2011 or 12, and the first shelf in 2013.  Two are up and working, one other in pieces in that room as of this writing.  "It will go faster, now, the carpenter told me in June, (with a straight face, I might add...)  Definitely muddle-ups.  Either that, or he "heard" from two miles away my neighbor on the other side ask about building the garage for me.  I asked for an estimate (not received yet)...  After all, it only took him a year and a half to put in the bamboo, (beautiful job, spread over four or five months) and the guy now doing the garage finished up that job by reframing and hanging the new storm door...

And, yes, I certainly DID call others - every name anyone could recommend.  And I pay... but that has never seemed to make a difference down here.  I wasn't born here, have only been here from 1976, so I just don't fit.

So, maybe "thrilling" is the wrong word, but they are certainly conversation starters...
Tags: garage, new word

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