pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Today's Toe Report

Last night I took a pain pill at midnight, (they are supposed to last 6 hours.)  I woke up at 6:30 really hurting, so I think it was doing its job.  I got up and walked around a bit, and it settled down.

Around 10, I drove into Corydon (after calling to be sure they got in the cream that had to be ordered) and went grocery shopping.  It was over 90 when I came home.

At 1:00, I got brave and unwrapped the toe.  I tried to save the thin vet wrap and gauze strip, as I was thinking I'd have to rewrap it, but as it turned out, the toe looked really good, the blood was all dried.  As I was fumbling around walking all over the house trying to find something big enough to soak the bandage off in, I finally just decided to use the bath tub . I climbed in, looked down, and found the gauze had fallen off on its own when I tipped my foot to clear the tub wall.

I ended up just using a q Tip to rub the cream on, as the doctor's nurse suggested, instead of washing my hands before and after as suggested on the package as the cream affects people's hormones.  (I also am not taking the dietary hormone, as I don't want any conflicts...)  The pressure I had to use to get the tube to unscrew shot out more of the med than I was supposed to use.  I only need one dime sized dose a day, covered lightly with gauze so the air can reach it.  If I have to go anywhere it might get dirty, I'm supposed to put a clean, loose-fitting sock over it.

During the day, there was just a bit of the oozing the doctor said I could expect.  In fact, after I'd watched a movie, when I stood up, the gauze pad floated off.  I had it sort of wrapped around the toe, but it wasn't long enough to overlap, nor did I put anything on it to hold it down.  I have a new one on now, and cut it a bit differently, but it still isn't affixed.  I thought I had some adhesive tape in my horse supplies, but I can't find any without getting down and grubbing, which I KNOW would be a painfully bad idea at this point.  I may use a piece of scotch tape on the back to hold the edges together for tonight.

I think I'm going to take another pain pill tonight, then see if I can just be okay.

Two Faced's kitten Black Stripe had to sniff my gauzed toe repeatedly, then was all set to lick it before I moved her.   I appreciate the thought, but not the sanitation.
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