pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Finally, the Garage Begins!

Last Oct. I bought the materials for my garage, which have laid in the center circle of the drive outside under a torn tarp ever since.  (This wood now qualifies as well-seasoned, I'm sure.)

Tuesday, the crew showed up around 7:30, working until 10 a.m.  Since the retired neighbor has had heart surgery, he can't do much at a time, and the heat is brutal.  The neighbor who is doing the work has hired two brothers who work in Centerville at the same grocery store as his wife and daughter.  He doesn't get the boys every day, as sometimes they have to go into the supermarket for their "real" job.

When it is time to set the rafters, he's got a utility company crane booked.  He said they'd have the framing up by the end of the week.
Tags: construction

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