pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

I seem to be needing surgeries from one end to the other!  After five eye surgeries in recent years, my next two will be on my hallux, first the right, then the left.  Today, I saw the podiatrist at the Corydon Hospital's speciality clinic.  He removed part of the worst big toenail, and will follow up in mid Aug. and do the other foot if all is well.

The contractor/neighbor who is building the garage and bookcase took me in for my surgery at 8:30, as I was supposed to show up 15 minutes early to do the paperwork.  The actual surgery was to be at 9, and took about 40 minutes.  The local pharmacy did not have the drug the podiatrist wanted me to treat the wound with in stock, so I have to go back after 9 tomorrow to get it.

As we were coming home in the car, right outside of Corydon at 10:37, it was 88°, and clicked up to 89° before we turned onto Highway S56, 7-8 miles later.  When I got up from my nap around 4, it was 100.7° on the front porch where the thermometer is up under the overhang against the house.  The humidity is out of sight, too.
Tags: surgery, weather

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