pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

New Favorite Language To PUBLISH a Book In

And the winner is, Nancy Kress, who, according to the blurb on the back of my newest *purchase of hers, has had her work translated into "nearly two dozen languages, including KLINGON."  (all caps version MINE to indicate "I stand amazed" emphasis.)

I wonder what other fictional languages are being kept alive by members of a community of fans, etc.  I've heard of other uses of Klingon, but to have an entire book translated...  I did't think we had enough examples of what it was to provide a dictionary for it.

...So, a quick net search = A dictionary, which has been translated into German, Czech, Italian, an iPhone version, and a Language Institute.  Who knew?

* After the Fall Before the Fall During the Fall: a novel ©2012
Tags: languages

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