pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Visit to Pharmacy

After the inhaler, getting all the old books checked to be sure no mold was introduced into my library, and a productive cough showed up, revealing that I had just caught something, not gotten into early ragweed by pulling new plants, the doctor authorized a generalized antibiotic.  It will hopefully relieve the infection in my big toes, and combat the creeping lung crud.

Last night, I woke myself up by SCRAPING MY right BIG TOE against the sheet.  So, I got some lovely pain meds to take the ache away.  The doctor also saw fit to give me some pain pills.  Within 25 minutes, my achy feet went away.  I was dozing lightly in my chair with my feet up, Black Stripe asleep on my lap when I jerked upright -- the pain just dissolved.

That is a much more pleasant way to wake up than what happened last night.
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