pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Dr. Visit a Success

I have a straightened back, right side!  JOY UNFETTERED!

I have an appointment to take care of the infected toe nails on both big toes July 17th.

My liver and kidney function are good, the cholesterol is better, blood pressure low, and we're trying new arthritis meds.

We talked about mom's Alzheimer's and he gave me a quick test.  It was really strange, but better than letting it sneak up on me, since I live alone.  I told him JW had said he'd be my early warning, but he's in NM.  The test results will become part of my permanent record.

I was unsure if the hacking cough I'd first noticed when SS and I were shelving some of the old MS books that had been my stepdad's was a reaction to mold, or if I'd caught something in our wanderings down south, as we were out and about all the time.  I'd also acquired a few bumps in odd clumps.  I'd been pulling weeds in the front and side yard, including ragweed, which once it goes to seed, I am deathly allergic to.  He gave me a sample inhaler and showed me how to use it.  Generally, when I take things like that, I don't notice a change.  Maybe this time it will be different.

He looked at my rash, gave me some different stuff to try on it and changed one other med that can have a rash as a side effect, but not one that looks like what I've got.

Mamo has to be 266 days apart, so Aug. 3 is the quickest for that.
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