pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Dealing with Alzheimer's

From LBHH email:
RH (her husband) just called.  He checked his work phone number and found out I had two messages from Mom.

One last night to wish me a Happy Birthday, and the other on Saturday asking where her car keys are!

She says she may need to sell it, and will need the keys for a test drive.

Uh huh.  "Now think for a moment, THINK!  If the sheep were lost and you couldn’t find them, you’d HAVE to leave them alone.  Wouldn’t you?  It’s in the Book."  [It's in the Book (Billboard Top 30 #22 in 1952 by Johnny Standley) - ed]

I wondered if MH went to visit because after I sent him a text telling him I thought he had sent the wrong phone as the one she had didn’t work, and did he have her cell charger?  We couldn’t get her.

After that message went to him, but I got no reply, BDHW got her.

Then I get a call Saturday asking for the car keys.  I think MH went to visit, took the phone, and asked her if he could use the car with some wonderful excuse.  AFTER he did something “nice” for her…the phone.  BUT she can’t find the keys.

I told her they were in the safe when we took the car over there.  Sometimes Alzheimer’s has advantages!  She didn’t remember!  CEW has the other set.

I will call her and tell her CEW has them.  And remind her that WE will take care of selling the car because the JUDGE said how much we have to charge, etc.  Besides it’s almost out of gas!  (Since MH turned in the credit card we didn't even know he had, with over $5,000 charged on it, he's not very likely to be able to fill it without a job...  I need to look up and post THAT email, too-ed )  She has no reason to even THINK about the car.  She hasn’t driven it for over two years.  I suppose she could have seen it when she went on a walk.

(CAR went to visit and found her leaving her room to go for a walk, no cane, no walker!)  You go, girl!  (I took mom for a walk, and tried to get her set up to walk on her own a lot, orienting herself in her environment, and did so, both inside the facility and outside by the time I left...  Glad it STUCK WITH HER!  I also need to post those deets, and create a walking log for her to use to track her progress -ed)

I will also ask who has visited.   See if she says CAR and MH!
The fun never ends!
(signed) LBHH
Tags: how we handle the big a

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