pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Mom's Phone Games

I called this morning, but mom's phone took a message, saying nobody was available.  I called the front desk, which reported mom just went into her room, so I called back.  I got a different voice, saying I could leave a voice mail message, so I did that one, too.

Both were upbeat prompts to call Lou on her birthday, which I had been the first to do.  (I made her a silly off the top of my head song both times I called Lou.)  I call the front office back to be sure Mom got the messages.

Her "old fashioned" looking phone in reality is modern enough to need to recharge if left off the hook.  The front desk girl showed mom how to retrieve her messages, made sure she heard them, and set it to charge.  IF mom were doing that deliberately to dodge, she got caught at it, and it got fixed.  If she was legitimately confused, she's still on notice that we *will* get our messages through!  Of course, she is still free to invent an excuse to hang up on us...

Glad *you* (BDHW), at least, got to hear her voice today!  Do you know if she called the birthday girl, or not?
Tags: mom's antics
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