pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Mom's "CUTE" Evasive Games

When mom called me last night (after I tried to leave a voicemail on her phone) she admitted to hearing it but said it was all garbled and she couldn't understand it.  She's using her cell phone sparingly - still has not located her charger.  If I talk to her again and she sounds as if she's in her "right mind" like she did last night, I'll ask her the name of the white knight who lent her his phone to call me back... like I think she has a boy friend there... She might still lie, but I think she will evade instead.

I'm scared to death Mike is sneaking in during the period between 5 and the evening door lock, as that desk is unmanned, and mom noted it.    Her devotion to him borders on the fanatical, like someone might feel for an on air evangelistic preacher.
Tags: mom's antics
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