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Lovely Blue Post Office Building in Promise City Explained

I drive through and admire the lovely blue color, smoothed walls, crack repair, total outside refurbished exterior every time I drive by the Promise City Post Office, and think, now that it is officially on the "remove from service" list, why would the government fix it up so well. I moved here in 1976, well after the post office had been moved from its original location across the street.  The flag pole on the south side of the building is on a base dated 1953.

South of that stands a new double row of PO Boxes, on a new cement pad, out in the open.  May, 2013 CBU is in the cement there.  I wonder how people are going to get those doors open when they're coated in 2" worth of ice.  Wandering inside, I put the question to the powers that be.  "It's already in service in the Des Moines area with no problem."

The building until just recently was full of huge cracks in the exterior wall, and was a dirty white color.  Joan Klinger, the attendant and building owner, reports that she took a wild hair one day and decided to fix the place up . From prior experience when she's worked on rental properties, she knew just what to do.

"First, I filled up all the wholes with concrete, then used a water repellant under coat, a good quality paint primer and paint.

"I did the low part, but I'm not good on a ladder, so Doug Fetters, who lives down the street with his mom, who is my ex-husband's first cousin, came by, climbed on the ladder and enthusiastically finished up the top.

"Then we went to work on the roof.  We were surprised to find three TREES growing out of the roof in some dirt that had settled up there.  Once we removed them, the holes made by the roots channeled the water right into the ceiling tiles.  (Here, she pointed to the water marks on the white tiles visible in the working part of the post office behind the counter.)

"If we ever have a warm, dry day, I have the boards to repair the roof."

She's hoping the post office will replace the door, which BLOWS IN when the wind comes from the east.  She told me she's heard they will do that.  Since the rest of the repairs were paid for out of her own pocket, that seems fair.

I pity the fellow out in the cold, unlocking and loading mail into each box all winter.  Battery operated hair dryers, anyone?
Tags: local color - history of the area

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