pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Stray Attack

Two stray dogs cornered Spelunker, who is declawed in front, but decided he wanted to be an outdoor cat. I heard the "I've treed it" barking, one voice the same as I'd heard once last week, and went out to the two board fence keeping horses off the septic and ran them off with a livestock whip, but Spelunker was really in trouble. He was tucked back end first into a cedar tree, boards of the septic fence on one side. He was foaming at the mouth, panting, eyes glazed.

I wanted to pick him up, but thought it might not be a swift move right off. I talked to him, then finally touched the top of his head. When he arched into my hand, I cuddled him to me. I carried him into the house, setting him on the hall tile, then went into my bedroom to get into something suitable to wear into town, intending to have the vet look him over. When I got back, I couldn't find him.

Two Faced came out of the guest bath, where her food, water, kitty litter pan, and milk crate full of kittens is, and "pointed" at the couch, about half way down. Maybe she is channeling Sweetie, my Irish Setter, even though she was not here back when I had my string of dogs. I can't move the couch alone, so I lay down (knowing I'd not be able to get up well) and used a yard stick to "feel" him. Nothing. He used to go up into the under cloth as a kitten, so I figured that's where he was. The couch is too cluttered to sit on at the moment, so that was safe, but far from ideal.

About six that evening, I took cat food outside onto the front porch and poured it into a Dollar General plastic kitty litter pan that is big enough for all my outdoor cats to put their heads in at once. He heard the sound of the food hitting the pan, and as I opened the outside door to come back in, he darted out between my legs.

One dog was a beagle, but the other was a "mutt", smaller, thinner, but vicious. Kinky white hair with a few black spotted areas - some kind of a poodle mixed with rat terrier? Who knows. If I hear that bark again, I'll take the computer out and try to get a photo of them. I don't know whose dogs they are. Last week, there was a large, broad, several tones of brown long haired dog leaving the driveway while the yip that belonged to the whiter little dog could be heard in my west pasture, not 20 feet from my trailer where Spelunker was cornered this week. Evidently, when only one dog is on him, he could get away.

I'm hiring a guy to put thin boards every so often around the septic fence, just wide enough to admit Spelunker, but not the smallest dog, who is just a bit bigger and WIDER than Spelunk.
Tags: cats, dogs

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