pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Romeo and Juliet Moment, Cat Style

Two Faced brought home a stray huge white tom with a few black spots the last time she came in heat. Since then, I've seen him out by the pond beside the house several times. He'll peek at me around a corner of the house, but I've never seen him come eat.

Once, Two Faced was sitting on the crate she queened in (it was tipped up on end and had an old sheet covering the holes, making it perfect for her to see out the bedroom window. The sheer curtains were draped over the ends as if it were mosquito netting, making a little perch for her. The tom and her black daughter from a previous queening were sitting, one behind the other a few feet, directly under that window. A Romeo and Juliet in the balcony scene moment, with a spurned woman standing behind Romeo...
Tags: cats
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