pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

DM Trip, Con't.

I left out something in the DM trip story. I packed up the directions to the Valley West Mall's eye dr.'s location, the coupon for extra work on the car, the tubes of paint to put on a scratch I got sliding into the mail box on ice, the grocery list, etc. in a plastic bag, hung it on the front door handle (the one I used TWICE to pack up what I did remember to take with me, and feed the outdoor cats before I left), then hunted through my purse, the interior of the car, the trunk, back to the purse,emptying everything out to find the tubes of paint, as I REMEMBERED packing them. As the day progressed, and I missed the directions, and finally, the shopping list, it all came back to me. Once I was home and still could not turn up the two tubes of paint/clear coat to repair the Audi, I remembered packing it all up the night before so it was ready to go to prevent forgetting anything. I also had a detailed time/place list in order, with what I needed for each stop.
Tags: confusion
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