pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Chilled, Chilling, Chilly

I've been sleeping poorly for quite a while now. Usually, I'm either too hot or too cold, drank too much water too close to bed time, or too little, only to wake up thirsty as though I'd been dreaming I was on a desert somewhere, walking for miles.

Or before falling asleep, I start dreaming up such an interesting story that I don't want to drop off to sleep and miss how it ends. Sleeping with pen/paper in reach has long been expedient.

But early Sunday, I woke up because I was hearing the repeated sound of the furnace blower... I'd been hearing it. Constantly. I woke up cold, and also because I was having a deja vu moment. This was not the first time I'd had a furnace that did not shut off, (but last time, the house stayed warm.)

I'd just had work done on the furnace pipe where it exits the house, and knew that the pipe up there was non-standard. I was afraid that the strong wind had blown out the pilot light, or something.

Nope. I called MC just before church Sunday, telling him what the symptoms were. He came mid-afternoon, getting the furnace running, but telling me he'd have to come back Monday with a younger man along, to do the climbing on the roof work.

They came, they saw, it conquered.

They'll come back tomorrow.
Tags: furnace repairs

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