pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Squalling Eight Squad

Bandita is highly depressed. She can't stand the pain, even medicated, of allowing the kittens to suck, but is equally distressed by the squalls.

So is Two Faced. She eventually stole all eight survivors, one at a time, and brought them into the living room, where she cleaned them up and "fed" them. Of course, she has no milk any more.

Bandita is so worn out, she didn't even try to stop it after she had curled up with the first two, the tiny ones, and hissed when Two Faced appeared, ready to lay the third with the first two. She wisely backed off, bringing the kitten to my feet instead.

I heated some water to put in the cat food and hydrated them with about three oz. each while the handful of cat food was soaking on a plastic container top with a low lip that would keep the food in without keeping inept kittens out. The biggest/best can climb out of the crate, but several of the tiny ones don't/can't, I'm not sure which.

The noise did not diminish one dollop. I heated some milk, the skim I have in the fridge, and gave the most willing four droppers full, the least two. I set them on the floor as I finished, where Two Faced collected and "nursed" them. Four tiny drops of yellow-orange= immediate input= outgo. Clean the carpet time.

I tried each with a nugget of cat food, but only Queen Bee (the one you told me to name) took one willingly, eating with relish until it was totally gone. A second one was only good for one bite. None of them went for the cottage cheese juice.

I put the long-suffering blue shag Bandita chose as her favorite in the bath tub. It is fluffy and thick, so the tub won't chill them unless they choose to crawl off it. Bandita sits on the edge of the tub, staring sadly down at them.
Tags: animal antics

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