pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Halter Breaking Leche

Well, I packed up for my trip to Des Moines. I had myself showered, chores done, and out the driveway by 7 am... Drove north to check one last time... normal behavior.

Leche was pacing the fence against the sky line on the pond pasture's west side -- a good fence as far as I know... So, I thought, OH, NO, the herd is out in the hay field and she would not go through the hole... or over the low spot. (She's TALL...)

I found Louise and Lament in the shed, but could not see anyone else.

I returned to the house, got a halter, got in the truck and drove up the (still sort of dampish) lane into the hayfield... crossing to where Leche was. Nobody else in sight -- not in the hayfield, not in the front field, not in the pond pasture... I could see the neighbor's geldings -- not one whit upset, which they would be if 20 mares, colts, and geldings had joined them....

Leche started toward me, then turned back, hollering down the hill into the thick trees around the creek. She got an answer, and not from where Louise was.

I left the truck in the hayfield, caught the filly in my arms (haltered once... ever.) I calmed and soothed, then put the halter on her. She was whiffy, but allowed it.

We set off as if she were halter broke, but that soon stopped. We were going AWAY from the herd. I soothed and talked, reaching back twice to thump ribs. We walked. We stopped. We thought about acting up. I soothed. We walked. The dog lay down and rolled. The legs and tail were going into/out of sight at the top of the hill away from the herd. She nearly panicked.

The dog moved over by the pond behind the house. I thought about how nice it would be if the guy had already hung the gate there...She could have kept the herd in sight the whole way.

We stopped and stared, thought about acting up, I soothed, she moved one leg... then one more, then we set off again. The new pile of big bales was spooky. We stopped. I soothed, then set out again. She came. She saw Lyre. We stopped. I soothed. Lyre saw her. He hollered. We wanted to race, now. I thought my arm was going to fall off. My right shoulder is the weak one, and of course, when you lead a horse, they are in your right hand...

We passed Lyre, and she wanted to race down the hill. I gave up trying to hold her back and began moving her in circles when she'd get too far ahead. We circled until we were across from NO, who was in the barn. We got nearly past his pen before he saw her, then he hollered. She answered, we stopped; we circled; Debut came up...

He's behind an electric fence... We circled and circled, finally hitting the end of the driveway. I was afraid to put her on the shoulder next to the electric fence, as his neck is so long he can lean his head and neck out over the top of the wire clear to the road...

We stopped dead at the cement... I soothed, we sniffed the white line, we walked, we stopped at the yellow line, and from then on, did not care if we were in the road or on the shoulder. We got past the front yard.

So, the herd saw her. They came spewing out of the trees along the north side and the creek... Mocha in the lead, of course. holler, circle... I thought I was going to have to let her run over to the fence line on her own, but I looked at the wild parsnip taller than my head and in full bloom and knew I did not DARE let her get down in them.

I got her to, then through the gate with only Pride getting herself into the gateway (from a cast of thousands, buy that time...) She turned and followed Leche, but she's no trouble to catch... just nice not to have to. I took the halter off, petted, and shut the gate. Ironically enough, I was wearing the T shirt that says, so many head, so few hands.... with a bunch of horses standing around saying, "pet me".LOL It was, of course, plastered to my back by then, and brown where I'd used the tail to wipe the sweat off my face...

I'll go get the truck after dark. I'm so thankful she's got such a sweet disposition... (and man, does she have a LONG STRIDED walk!)

I took a second shower, put on another set of undies, T shirt, and took something for the shoulder, but I think I'll just go into Seymour school for the camera batteries and then to Corydon for the CD and try for DM tomorrow early. At 9:00 we're already over 80 degrees. I don't think the ac is working in the Beemer, no matter what the dealer said in Dec... I wonder if he ran it long enough to tell if it was putting out HEAT like now, or AC...

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