pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Drug Reaction/Eye Strain/Lack of Sleep

So, today I again woke up with a headache, centered around my right eye. Heading to bed at 10:00 pm worked out to be climbing into bed at 11:00. By 12, when I was still rolling around, I got up and took a T [expired in '09]. Thirty minutes later, instead of dropping right off to sleep, I was still rolling around. I'm not sure just what time it was before I actually dropped off - the house was cold, and the glow in the dark clock in the kitchen.

I slept until 7:30, woke up groggy, hated going down the hall to weigh in my birthday suit. Put a foot on the scale, got to 211.4 when I realized I might be mis-reading due to lack of light. I stepped off the scale, turned on the bathroom light, got immediately back on the scale 215.4, 215.2, 216.6, 215.22. That's weird.

7:45, I tried again (b) 214.82. At least it wasn't jumping all over the place.

10:15 (u) I was 214.8 when I first stepped on, then 214.02 immediately afterward.

I realize I'm reacting badly, but I can't seem to get a handle on what I'm feeling.

After a gazillion emails to MS, I got back a reply to my query "Has she even indicated a willingness to try to spend the winter with me taking care of her? that had started out with a statement that I realized I was tactless."

"That is why I am here doing this. Mom is fine with the tiny changes I've suggested and very cooperative at present. Only thing that will get her back up is if we try to harm MG or stress him. She is protecting him. Get over your outrage. He doesn't know what she tells us. He is not the bad guy here. Mom has convinced him this is what Christians do. He is also very helpful and asked me what he can do to help.. I think he will step up when we explain the medically necessary part of the move....away from mom. She is controlling him. Don't get het up...we will work this out even if I need to come back after all my doctor apt, hair cut, and annual skin check next week. I want to hit her with little pieces at a time so she can still eat. Choosing battles carefully."

She told me about BW calling her after they had all sat down for dinner. Mom got up and took the call, but was unable to settle back down and eat afterward. I know I'm just as bad.

I want to ask if Mom was told that her sister had heart pains in the car after just TALKING about the situation with someone who is also trying to help? But, I'm afraid if I do, it will be read as criticism, applying pressure/stress to the negotiator, etc. and be unhelpful.

I have to just back off and walk away until the next time the family thinks it all needs to be dumped on me.
Tags: sleep, weight loss

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