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Muscle Regeneration

Today the burn didn't start until after I'd turned the corner into the circle. Yesterday, I was right at the corner.

BUT, we've been having rain, blessed rain, which really does seem to have an effect on my abilities. The day before, a lovely day, perfect temperature, and I made it all the way to the house, up the steps, and inside without burn, for the first time in nearly 20 years...

Our outdoor temperature at sunset when I walked down was 75°, so by the time I got back to the house, I was sweating. That was an hour ago, and I am still sweaty. Must be doing some pretty heavy typing....

9:00 am 213.82
11:25 am 212.82

12:35 pm 212.02

1:20 egg, toast, water, meds

(b) 2:35 pm 212.62
Tags: muscle pain, weight loss
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