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Eye Surgery Coming

I had both cataract surgeries done the same fall, the minimum number of weeks apart, at two different hospitals in the area, but by the same doctor. Last year, one of the areas behind that implant was getting cloudy. The solution is to do a few second burst with a lazar to remove it, and "things are fine"... (and we hope, will stay that way.)

Dr. Bloom used to teach at the ophthalmological school (to train eye doctors) in Des Moines, and is really, really top. When I had no trouble with the eye exam on the left side (the side the lazar zap was done to), but couldn't pin down a change on the right eye, he got out the pinpoint of bright light tool (don't you just LOVE my adroit use of medical terminology? Zap, bright light tool) he simulated daylight, and voile! I couldn't see a thing out of it, just like happens when I drive in bright sunlight. He stopped the exam and said he'd set up an appointment Mon. with the same doctor who zapped the left one.

Last time, he found it in late Sept. -early Oct. and the first available appointment was in Jan., but got moved to Feb. I have no idea if that's what I'm facing again, but I doubt he's gotten less busy. I'm supposed to hear Mon. from his office. I'll call if I don't. (Last time, the office staff dropped the ball. In all fairness, the top gal, who was in the last stages of pg., was gone, but... I saw her training her replacement, and she seemed well able to do it adroitly. Today, a gal I don't remember seeing before was training another one I'd never seen, but did not have the finesse the pg gal had.)
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