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Word of the Day for Wednesday, September 5, 2012

cacology \ka-KOL-uh-jee\, noun:

Defectively produced speech; socially unacceptable diction.

As to prose, I don't know Addison's from Johnson's; but I will try to mend my cacology.
    -- Lord Byron, The Works and Letters of Lord Byron

Such cacology drives some people to distraction.
-- Linton Weeks, "R Grammar Gaffes Ruining the Language? Maybe Not",

I forgot how to hide the link and make just the words clickable...

When I clicked, I got a very good article, WITH: Tweets And Seeds as one of the internal headlines.

(A case in point- non-standard capitalization IN THE ARTICLE that concludes with arguments for standards in some places. In my classroom, the rule was “polish, then publish”. Their daily journal went for “useful nuggets of thought”, allowing slips. pandemo)

Tags: state of our language
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