pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

How BIG is Two-Faced Now? / Monday, August 27, 2012 Diet

Ever since Two-Faced came, she has slept and done acrobatic movements involving the tops of my Lazy Boy platform rockers. Once she settles down to snooze, it is normal for an extra leg or two to hang off one side or the other.

Today, she was artistically draped over the back of the rocker on the north side of the living room. I was reading when my peripheral vision picked up motion.

Two Faced had succumbed to gravity and fallen into the seat. Deciding that was a good place to be, she continued her snooze.

9:00 am 214.42#
9:50 am 215.0, 213.8 2#
9:00 am 214.4, 214.62#

Tags: cat behavior, diet

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