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BBC on Adultery

Are attitudes to adultery outdated in some western nations? The British social scientist and author Katherine Hakim argues that in the UK and the US, married people should adopt much more relaxed, guilt-free and tolerant views about sexual relationships outside their marriage. She set out this thesis in her new book, The New Rules. There she argues that British and American people should be more like those in Scandinavia and southern Europe, where she says adultery is far more accepted. But attitudes in Britain on this subject are quite mixed as we found out when we asked people on the streets of London how they felt about extra-marital affairs. (plays "Your Cheating Heart" by Patsy Kline as people comment.)

Don Daiman spoke to the author Katherine Hakim to find out more about her call for what she's describing as a new 21st century morality. And he also spoke to the newspaper columnist Ann Atkins, who writes on relationship issues.

First, a question for Katherine Hakim. Why does she think a more tolerant attitude to adultery is a good thing?
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