pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

How Big? Sooo Big! / Monday 8/20/2012 Diet Update

And, you might ask, how big is Miss Two Faced getting? Are you sure she is REALLY "in foal"?

Yesterday, when I was reading in the Throne Room, she decided to take her leisure on the curved seat on the side of the oval bath tub. The rim is several inches wide all the way around, but has these built in fatter spots, often lower, like the seat, designed to sit with lower legs/feet in the whirlpool. She has always walked clear around the edge of the tub, even when I'm in the water, only jumping clear when I engage the whirlpool.

The lip of the tub has a 1 1/2" slant before the actual sides start. Two Faced, always agile, sometimes walks around with one foot on the flat and one on the slant, making the entire circumference of the tub in that fashion.

So I look up, into the mirrors, and notice her going around the flat spot the faucets sit on, then heading mirror-ward to the comfy curled-cat-shaped seat. Plop! She slides right off into the debris at the bottom of the tub. A strange look comes over her face. She shakes her body like a wet dog will (no water in tub at the time), then delicately leaps onto the seat and settles. Her dignity took such a blow, I didn't dare laugh then, but, oh, how I wanted to!

9:35 am 213.42# (took ½ the morning diet drops)

Tags: cat behavior

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