pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Diet Update - Day 37

In a rather revolting development, the stray yellow tom who took up undesired residence underneath my mobile home decided to use the wooden tub I plant my grape tomatoes in as his kitty litter. This is the unnamed yellow I call Brett's, as he said he picked him up because he seemed friendly. (His dad lives on the 40 just north of mine, but both are elsewhere a lot. The cat obviously thinks he's mine. Did I mention that both father and son have large dogs who LOVE chasing cats?

When the hungrier finally hit me, I did not want to go into town just for a dozen eggs, so I bought a dozen small brown eggs from my neighbors across the road to the south, the ones who fly a Canadian flag when they're there. The pullets were free ranging over the entire acre, mostly in garden. I'm still trying to decide if the high price for a small egg tastes any different.

If I have to think that hard about it, I guess I need to pay more attention to my shopping list. (Of course, I kept a dozen eggs for so long that three eggs cracked and seemed bad, so I dumped them outside. The cats didn't think anything was wrong with them, but once they've given their seal of approval, it would definitely be bloody finger time to retrieve one.

227# water goal: 113.5 oz.
10 drops
13 oz. water

1 broken yolk on a small brown egg
1/2 slice Sarah Lee 70 calorie whole wheat toast

12.5 oz water (25.5 total)
morning meds

13 oz. water (38.5 total)

10 drops

5 oz. water (43.5 total)
1/4 cantaloupe

10 oz. hamburger/tomato mix

10 oz. water (53.5 total)

13.5 oz. water (61 total)

1 mini Mounds bar

10 drops

13 oz. water (66.5 total)

10 oz. water (76.5 total)

11 oz. water (87.5 total)
12 strawberries

8 oz. water (95.5 total)
8.5 oz. talapia
1 cup cauliflower

13 oz. water (108.5 total)

5 oz. water (113.5 total)

Tags: diet

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