pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

I Forgot Where Your Garage Is...

LOL! It does not exist. There is a large empty space on the west end of the trailer where the circle drive curves around -- that's where it GOES.

I've been daydreaming again.

My dream house: rotates on a needle like the Seattle one, but not as tall. Is a geodesic dome. The different sides are rooms with full length picture windows with possible hurricane shutters for bad weather. It will sit in the back 40, and rotate on demand. So, you lie in bed and rotate through a 360 degree panorama of the farm. Green in spring... In 100 mile an hour straight line wind sheer conditions, you lock down and drop the shades...

The bathroom, laundry room, elevator/dumb waiter contraption is in the center stem. The bottom of the stem houses car/snow mobile/four wheeler.
Tags: plans

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