pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Operation Successful

The good news is that the lazar surgery went fine. The bad news is that the right eye is beginning to develop the same problem, but it is too soon to treat. I hate to think about having to go through that long, long wait again...

I actually haven't tried to read a long enough period all at once to see if I really can do it without getting a headache. Maybe tonight.

Another success is renegotiating the loan rate on my Audi. When I bought the car, 3.99 was the standard rate, but that has now dropped to 2.9 at the bank that has my note. I have been taking the dividends and interest from the money I have in Edward Jones and putting it toward an "interest only" payment monthly on the car, in addition to the regular automatic withdrawal.

I don't speak "financial" very well, so actually thinking I was taking a clump of interest/dividend money that was quite a bit above what I think of as "normal" for my returns, authorized cashing in the "growth" (which turns out to mean that I authorized the SALE of the extra that I had been building up since investing my retirement. Would you believe, it was $5800 since May, '08?) I really don't have that much money invested, so it is quite a good accounting, and by pulling out those extra stocks/bonds I bought and putting it against the principle owed on the new car, will eat quite nicely into the length of the loan.

The broker called today to chat, and said that she thought it was a good move, as the stock market corrects itself periodically (which is evidently broker's way of stating that what goes up must come down)... So, she feels good about using it to decrease the principle.

I was feeling as if I were selling the goose that lays the golden egg.

Even with all the running around the Des Moines area that happened while I was in surgery, the mileage on the little car is just over 2300. It had it's first oil change and the tires were rotated. They were teasing the gal who drove it over for me about the low mileage -- I bought the car in Aug.
Tags: daily life, philosophy of investing

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