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Incoherent Post

Weight back up again -- Chocolate attack. I dieted for ONE DAY, then broke. I can't seem to keep it together at present.

I have been reading for five days on Robin Pilcher's book Starburst between headaches (come on Feb. 13th eye surgery!) He has a large cast of characters all of whom will be connected to the Edinburgh festival in Scotland during three weeks in August, attracting top artists, musicians, comedians, and actors from around the world. He picks six people from varied events and goes into each one's background/life, then leaves them to go to another. I can't keep their names in my head, much less the details of their life. (I don't think this is HIS FAULT...) I've been reading on it for days and am only on page 76 of 390...

Olgrmar Olgrmar went to Denver with her son and really liked it. Would you believe, my 86 year old mother asked me what A. was going to Denver for, and I couldn't remember? I know you said. Mom went to Denver to visit my niece, and was very impressed with it. We rode in that area, back in the day, and could look down on a thermal inversion that trapped black gunk above it once.

I also went to Parker, CO, years ago to pick up a purebred filly with belly white and lease her dam, so was there then, too. I liked it. (Didn't seem polluted back when I bought Emily...)

I also remember spending one snow storm trapped without food in the Stapleton airport when everything closed down. Not even the vending machines were kept stocked, with all those people trapped. We slept on the floor, on benches. The highlight was when a guy got his hunting dog out of the baggage area. I played with her for hours while he told me how she wouldn't make up with strangers. It was funny. Maybe 20-30 people sitting or lying nearby were all active in the conversation. She wouldn't eat her dog food at first, but eventually, would take pieces of it (dry food) from my fingers, one nugget at a time, very daintily. Many remarked that people in hard times ATE DOG FOOD, but nobody tried it.

The trip was memorable because when we finally got a connecting flight to Casper (I was heading to Riverton to spend the holidays with Steve and his wife), we sat in a strong cross wind for three hours (right after a restaurant finally got up and running and we'd had breakfast). The steward was a cool Black guy, and after a bit, he was sitting on a pull down stool right behind me (I was on the aisle in the last seat row), I suggested that even though I'd taken my dramamine (good for 4 hours), we were getting near to when it would wear off. I told him about vomiting out of a sound sleep into my brother's lap exactly four hours after taking the medicine...) He jumped up and replenished the air sick bags in every seat.

Mom's 89 year old brother who had hip replacement surgery last year has been training again and is booked into a NEW ORLEANS track meet for the 60's and up folks (I forget the fancy title they use for them...) He quit doing the high jump last year, and dropped one other event (which I have also forgotten, even though I was just told last night... it seemed very logical to drop in my mind...), but is competing in the other events. I remember wanting to ask if he was doing the event where they race, jumping low hurdles every so often, but can't even think of its name right now. This is ridiculous. I know these terms.
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