pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Two Faced's Hockey Ambitions

My morning routine involves filling one glass to overflowing with ice, putting it in a huge tanker, then adding water until it is too full to move. Inevitably, some chips fly onto the tile. Two Faced, who traditionally takes all the cat balls and rolls them into some inaccessible place, has taken to batting the bigger chunks a bit. So, once she picks one, I slide it across the floor with my foot. And the chase is on, until she puts it under something, or into too tight a corner.

This morning, I couldn't even see the tiny sliver she chose. It melted before she got done playing. So, I took an entire cube, shaped roughly like a hockey puck cut in half. She promptly upended it so it was a vertical disk, and shoved it under the kitchen counter. Once it got dusty and hairy, she lost interest.

I picked it up, washed it off, and started it into the (relatively clean) center of the floor. The game was on. She's a top ball handler, either front paw.

Now, if I could only teach her where her GOAL POST was...
Tags: animal antics

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