pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Look What I Found!

That Spelunker! He loves to sit on the arm of the couch by the front door. I never thought much about it... other than, if I rest anything there while I put on my coat, go back for my purse, any excuse that leaves whatever it is unprotected, he strikes.

Avalanches are his specialty. Generally, these things are NOISY, and I know by the scattered evidence, but last spring, when I was packing up and shipping out my laptop for repair, I had to use the scissors (the "good" pair with the sharp points and blue handles) to switch the label. The UPS man came before I quite had everything ready, and when I saw him off, I went back to put the scissors away. They had totally vanished. Even removing the cushion, which led to its own treasure hunt, did not produce them. I moved the end of the couch out - nothing.

"Maybe I set them down somewhere else and just don't remember" I thought. After a few months, I bought a new pair, with gaudy PINK handles... same brand and tip, though. (Now it looks as if my living room, which has two large recliners, each with attendant table and accessories, are "his and hers" color coded...

Last night, it snowed for the first time this season - a half inch. I slipped my bare feet into the Swamp Boots I got in MN at Gander Mountain before I came home from Lou's several years ago, intending to hike to the mail box...

Right foot went in just fine, pant leg nicely tucked. LEFT foot, icy cold item... Hand into boot - blue handled scissors...

Spelunker strikes again...

I let the two black and white kittens back into the utility room. They were sitting in the empty feed pan, licking it.

I do the hill, loving the feel of snow, as long as the temps are warm enough that the sun has made it "good packing snow", not icy brittle snow. Sticking R's card and a netflix in the box, I turn and head back, on level, graded ground, and slip, twisting my right knee again. If I were going to slip, why not on the uneven gravel bed of the roadway, with the runnels from rain runoff hidden under a virgin white carpet?

Off to town, shopping...
Tags: cat behavior
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